Sitemap - 2022 - The Profile

The Profile: The billionaire VC who got conned & the fake socialite making a comeback

The Profile Dossier: Johanna Nordblad, the Ice Diver Who Finds Peace in Freezing Water

The Profile: The mega-rich who want to live forever & TikTok’s fast food stars

The Profile Dossier (Throwback): Anthony Bourdain, the World's Most Beloved Chef

The Profile: The press baron of the digital age & the grittiest actor in Hollywood

The Profile Dossier: Rick Rubin, the Creative Genius Behind the World’s Biggest Artists

The Profile: Peloton’s ex-CEO selling rugs & the juvenile detention center under fire

The Profile Dossier: Svante Pääbo, the Geneticist Unlocking the Secrets of our DNA

The Profile: The delivery startup burning through cash & Hershey’s sweet turnaround story

The Profile Dossier: Luis von Ahn, the Immigrant Founder Who Built the World’s Most Downloaded Education App

The Profile: Kanye West’s private academy & the man with the 500 winning lottery tickets

The Profile Dossier: John Douglas, the FBI Agent Who Profiled the World’s Most Dangerous Serial Killers

The Profile: The man who helped evacuate people from Afghanistan & the billionaire behind New York’s most luxe hotel

The Profile Dossier: Colleen Hoover, the Romance Novel Hit Machine

The Profile: Afghanistan’s crypto investors & the queen of romance novels

Inside the Book-Writing Process: How I Wrote a Book in the ‘Edges of Time’

The Profile Dossier: Diana Nyad, the First Person to Swim Unassisted from Cuba to Florida

The Profile: The founder who built a $26-billion business & the woman who wanted to sail around the world

The Profile Dossier: Dave Ramsey, the No-Nonsense Personal Finance Guru

The Profile: The lawyer who could help free Brittney Griner & the author who’s never had writer’s block

The Profile Dossier: Becky Kennedy, The Parenting Guru Offering Practical Solutions

I Studied Hundreds of Successful People —And Wrote a Book About What I Learned

The Profile: The founder who gave away his company & Afghanistan’s crypto investors

The Profile Dossier: Cristiano Ronaldo, the Footballer Who Uses Hate as Fuel

The Profile: America’s most remarkable kid & the Fyre Festival mastermind planning a comeback

The Profile Dossier *Special Edition:* UFC Champion Francis Ngannou on What It Really Means to Bet on Yourself

UFC Champion Francis Ngannou on What It Really Means to Bet on Yourself

The Profile: The mysterious tech billionaire who created two fortunes & the women getting paid to carry babies

The Profile Dossier: José Andrés the Chef Who Wants to Feed the World

Jacob Goldstein on the power of podcasting, the role of Bitcoin, and the future of money

The Profile: The innocent man on death row & the CEO spending $1 billion to save crypto

The Profile Dossier *Special Edition*: A Q&A with War Photojournalist Lynsey Addario

Photojournalist Lynsey Addario on Reporting From the Front Line

The Profile: The reluctant prophet of effective altruism & the TikTok star betting on himself

My Annual Birthday Check-In: 13 Lessons I Learned in the Last Year

The Profile Dossier Classic: Kobe Bryant, Basketball's Greatest Storyteller

The Profile: The crypto geniuses who vaporized a trillion dollars & the youngest coach in the NFL

Bridgewater Co-CEO Mark Bertolini on the Value of ‘Radical Transparency’ and Taking Over From Ray Dalio

The Profile Dossier *Special Edition*: A Q&A with Bridgewater Co-CEO Mark Bertolini

The Profile: The cable news provocateur & the crypto company in the eye of the storm

The Profile Dossier *Special Edition*: A Q&A with Robert Hoge, the 'Ugly' Human Living a Beautiful Life

Meet Robert Hoge, the ‘Ugly’ Human Living a Beautiful Life

The Profile: The Howard Stern of business & the founder people love to hate

The Profile Dossier: Martine Rothblatt, the Futurist Creating Life-Saving Technology

The Profile: The man who threw away 8,000 bitcoin & the startup peddling political ideologies

The Profile Dossier: Jerry Seinfeld, the Lifelong Student of Comedy

The Profile: The men battling over Elon Musk & the celebrity divorce lawyer

The Profile Dossier: Laurie Santos, the Happiness Scientist

The Profile: The mountain climber who came back from the dead & the woo-woo agents of real estate

The Profile Dossier: Khaby Lame, TikTok’s Biggest Star

The Profile: Hollywood’s leading man taking on a new role & the star of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

The Profile Dossier: Derren Brown, the Psychological Illusionist Targeting Your Subconscious Mind

The Profile: The ‘Miracle Boy’ of Surfside & the self-help guru who burned out

The Profile Dossier: Charlize Theron, the Baddest Woman in Hollywood

The Profile: The girlbosses of fertility & the sneaker company that won the cultural marathon

The Profile Dossier: Katie Taylor, The Irish Fighter Dominating the Sport of Boxing

The Profile: The Netflix CEO leading through a storm & the Musk of steamy romance

The Profile Dossier: Joan Benoit Samuelson, the Marathoner Who Made Olympic History

The Profile: Wall Street’s most controversial investor & America’s first Formula 1 superstar

43 Life-Changing Quotes From the World’s Most Powerful People

The Profile Dossier: Lynsey Addario, the War Photographer Capturing Our Collective Humanity

The Profile: The brothers who built a $95-billion unicorn & the bank tracking its employees’ productivity

Why Activism Isn't Enough to Change the World

The Profile Dossier: Bobbi Brown, the Beauty Mogul Preaching Self-Love

The Profile: The last employees at Lehman Brothers & the 'coward of Broward'

The Profile Dossier: Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast), The Most Successful Creator on YouTube

The Profile: The man who controls computers with his mind & the death chamber doctor

Q&A with ‘More to That’ Creator Lawrence Yeo on Creativity, Storytelling, and Inspiration

The Profile Dossier: Robin Arzón, the Workout Warrior

The Profile: Elon Musk’s right-hand man & the liver king

The Profile Dossier: Marc Lore, the Serial Entrepreneur Building Billion-Dollar Companies

The Profile: Ukraine’s commander-in-chief & the startup watching your brain

The Profile Dossier: Angela Ahrendts, the Fashion Exec Transforming Retail

The Profile: The drone pilots who kill via remote control & the celebrity book stylists

The Profile Dossier: Jon Kabat-Zinn, the Master of Mindfulness

The Profile: The New York Times’s inside man & the sports brand that lost its way

The Profile Dossier: Alia Crum, the Researcher Helping Optimize Your Mindset

The Profile: The carpet cleaner who speaks 24 languages & the tech billionaire who hates Silicon Valley

The Profile Dossier: UFC Champion Francis Ngannou, The Baddest Man on the Planet

The Profile: The philanthropist who gave away $12 billion in 2 years & the first NBA player with MS

15 Months Without Alcohol

The Profile Dossier: Garrett McNamara, the surfer chasing a 100-foot wave

The Profile: The Russians fleeing Russia & Hollywood’s cancel-culture consultant

The Profile Dossier: Lewis Hamilton, the Driver Revolutionizing Formula 1

The Profile: The woman who builds the world’s most unique Airbnbs & the new financial supermarkets

The Profile Dossier: Ron Finley, the Gangster Gardener

The Profile: The human behind a fatal self-driving car accident & Wall Street’s high roller

The Profile Dossier: Diana Chapman, the Leadership Coach Focused on Eliminating Drama

The Profile: Ukraine’s wartime leader & the crown prince who has absolute power

I’m a professional baseball player. Here’s why the myth of ‘the overnight success’ is so destructive

The Profile Dossier: Tory Burch, the Fashion Icon Who Built a Billion-Dollar Brand

The Profile: The internet’s philanthropic storyteller & the editor of Russia’s Nobel-winning newspaper

The Profile Dossier: Matt Mullenweg, the CEO shaping the future of the internet

The Profile: Silicon Valley’s legendary investor & the matchmaker to the ultra-rich

The Profile Dossier: Peter Scott-Morgan, the Human Cyborg

The Profile: The MMA champ who survived the impossible & Bitcoin’s Bonnie and Clyde

Celebrating 5 Years of The Profile

The Profile Dossier: Melanie Perkins, the Billionaire Founder of the World's Most Valuable Software Startup

The Profile: The misunderstood billionaire & the self-help celebrity

The Profile: The misunderstood billionaire & the self-help celebrity

The Profile Dossier: Nadia Murad, the Survivor Taking ISIS to Court

The Profile: The avalanche rescue artists & the financial giant betting on crypto

Why You’ll Never Win the Status Game

The Profile Dossier: Will Storr, the Storytelling Scientist

The Profile: The last sane man on Wall Street & the people cloning their pets

The Profile Dossier: Kyle Maynard, The Man Pushing the Limits of Human Potential

The Profile: The dating app founder seeking revenge & the internet’s bad boy

The Profile Dossier: David Swensen, the Greatest Institutional Investor of All Time

The Profile: The investor who outperformed Warren Buffett & the bartender trolling Citadel’s CEO

10 Practical Pieces of Advice for First-Time Parents

The Profile Dossier: Betty White, Hollywood’s Beloved Golden Girl

The Profile: The world’s most advanced cyborg & the CEO shaping the future of the internet

Q&A with Polina: How I Built The Profile

The Profile Dossier: Stacy Madison, the Creator of a Pita Chip Empire

The Profile: The founder taking on Jeff Bezos & Airbnb’s $10-billion engineer