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The Profile Dossier (Throwback): Tyler Perry, the Hollywood Reject Who Built a Billion-Dollar Empire

The Profile: The founder who wants to take humans to Mars & the startup recruiting teenage basketball stars

The Profile's 2021 Year in Review

The Profile Dossier (Throwback): Hugh Jackman, the Philosopher of Hollywood

The Profile: The billionaire who thrives in crisis & the refugee who went from rags to riches (twice)

Why Peter Thiel Searches for Reality-Bending 'Secrets'

The Profile Dossier: Nims Purja, the Mountaineer Who Summited the World's 14 'Death Zone' Peaks

The Profile: The most likable man in America & the pizza empire

30 Book Recommendations From the World's Most Successful People

The Profile Dossier: Leymah Gbowee, The Peace Activist Who Ended a 14-Year Civil War

The Profile: The billion-dollar horse gambler & the rock climber who can’t feel fear

Why Story-Driven Learning Can Help You Master Any Subject

The Profile Dossier: Tope Awotona, the Immigrant Founder Who Built a $3 Billion Software Behemoth

The Profile: The world’s most feared investor & the godfather of modern surveillance

Why Writing Letters to Your Kids Is the Best Gift You Can Give Them as Adults

The Profile Dossier: Jeni Britton Bauer, the Artisanal Ice Cream Scientist

Introducing the Youngest Member of The Profile!

The Profile Dossier: Matt Haig, the Author Who Believes Books Can Save Your Life

The Profile: The men who carry out executions for the state & the NBA's infamous trash-talker

The Profile Dossier: Sylvester Stallone, the Grittiest Actor in Hollywood

The Profile: The king of sports merchandise & the influencers getting paid for digital intimacy

Danny Meyer on Leading In Crisis, Developing an Appetite for Risk, and Building a Hospitality Empire

The Profile Dossier: Dominique Crenn, the Three-Michelin-Starred Rebel Chef

The Profile: The driver revolutionizing F1 & the internet's most popular sperm donor

The Profile Dossier: Tobi Lütke, the Founder Who Believes In Arming the Rebels

The Profile: The woman who invented a serial killer & the secretive hedge fund gutting newsrooms

The Profile Dossier: Alexey Molchanov, The World's Most Daring Freediver

The Profile: The Texas mogul who got rich(er) during the pandemic & the most likable man in America

The Profile Dossier: Franklin Chang Díaz, the Astronaut Who Wants to Get Humans to Mars

The Profile: Wall Street's secret billionaire investor & the man funding failed founders

The Profile Dossier: Toto Wolff, the Most Powerful Man In Motorsport

The Profile: Silicon Valley's favorite politician & the media startup in hot water

Can Courage Be Learned?

The Profile Dossier: Clarissa Ward, the Journalist Covering the World's Most Dangerous Places

The Profile: Silicon Valley's most prominent contrarian & the world's most daring freediver

The Transformational Power of Books

The Profile Dossier: Vince Gilligan, the Mastermind Behind Hit Series 'Breaking Bad'

The Profile: The founder who wants to build a utopia & the startup bringing back the woolly mammoth

The Power — and Limitation — of Rational Thought

The Profile Dossier: Danny Meyer, the King of Hospitality

The Profile: The North Tower restaurateur who survived 9/11 & Kobe Bryant's oldest daughter

The Profile Dossier: Steve Kerr, the Player-Turned-Coach Who Used Basketball to Cope With Tragedy

The Profile: The investor who turned $250,000 into $400 million & the social media stars who move markets

Readers Share the Startling Wake-Up Calls That Changed Their Outlook on Life

The Profile Dossier: Julia Galef, the Rational Thinker Helping Us Update Our Beliefs

The Profile: The bitcoin proponent provoking the Feds & Wall Street's most influential investor

The Profile Dossier: Mark Bertolini, the Radical Capitalist

The Profile: The athlete building a business empire & America's biggest digital media company

11 Life Lessons I Learned Before My 30th Birthday

The Profile Dossier: Harvey Karp, the Pediatrician Who Built a $50 Million Baby Sleep Empire

The Profile: Technology's final original founder & the dictator's son trying to take over

Yahoo Correspondent Julia La Roche on What She's Learned From the World's Top Executives

The Profile Dossier: Bernard Arnault, the World's Richest Man

The Profile: The creator of America's crypto mecca & the richest female musician on the planet

The Profile Dossier: Eliud Kipchoge, the Human Who Has No Limits

The Profile: The woman who got reincarnated as an AI & the mayor who could re-make the Republican party

Welcome to the Modern Age of Cults

The Profile Dossier: Orna Guralnik, the Psychoanalyst Fixing Your Relationships

The Profile: The podcaster who turned sex advice into big business & the Olympic heir to Michael Phelps

This University's Athletes Will Dominate the U.S. Olympic Team in Tokyo 2020

The Profile Dossier: Simone Biles, the Greatest Gymnast in History

The Profile: The dealmaker who didn't do his diligence & the biotech giant taking on HIV

Why Writers Are the Loneliest Artists

The Profile Dossier: Bryan Johnson, the Founder Unlocking the Secrets of Your Mind

The Profile: The investor turned criminal mastermind & the man behind China's aggressive new voice

Why You Should Bet On Your Future Self Today

The Profile Dossier: Christina Tosi, the Chef Who Built a Dessert Empire

The Profile: The podcaster taking over mainstream media & the YouTubers building a merch empire

How Gwyneth Paltrow Turned Goop Into a $250 Million Obsession

The Profile Dossier: Robert Cialdini, the Master of Persuasion

The Profile: The Netflix of wellness & the company keeping crises quiet

How Traveling Shatters Your Rigid Mental Frameworks

The Profile Dossier: Rick Steves, the World's Greatest Adventurer

The Profile: The founder unlocking the secrets of your mind & Twitter's power broker

The Profile Dossier: Ernest Hemingway, the Writer Who Proved That Less Is More

The Profile: The accidental billionaires & the baby brokers

Visualize Value's Jack Butcher on Idea-Generation, Consistency, and Going Viral

The Profile Dossier: Lionel Messi, the World's Greatest Footballer

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The Profile: The pied piper of SPACs & the superstar fund manager

The Profile Dossier: Magnus Carlsen, the Mozart of Chess

How Perception Blinds Us To the Truth

The Profile: The marathon men who can't go home & the app causing body dysmorphia

The Profile Dossier: Al Pacino, Hollywood's favorite gangster

The Danger of Idolizing Imperfect Humans

The Profile: The quiet VC who had a monster year & the Dogecoin millionaire

The Profile Dossier: Esther Wojcicki, the Educator Who Raised Entrepreneurial Children

Ex-GE CEO Jeff Immelt on Leading Through Crisis, Taking Personal Responsibility, and Becoming a Master of Chaos

The Profile: The king of SPACs & the meme king of Wall Street

Q&A with Ana Lorena Fabrega On Mental Models, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Educating Children

The Profile Dossier: Lori Gottlieb, The Therapist Helping You Edit Your Story

The Profile: The master of disaster & the man with more SPACs than anyone

9 Practical Ways to Boost Your Creativity

The Profile Dossier: Ed Catmull, Pixar's Creative Genius

The Profile: The activist short-seller who won't quit and the queen of Roblox

Why It's Useless To Wonder About the Life You Never Had

The Profile Dossier: Robert Hoge, the 'Ugly' Human Living a Beautiful Life

The Profile: The secretive trader who built a $12B fortune & Jay-Z's weed lab

The Profile Dossier: Christopher Nolan, the Visionary Behind Cinema's Best Psychological Thrillers

Jim O'Shaughnessy on Bitcoin, Investing Psychology, and the Secret to a Long-Lasting Marriage

The Profile: The billion-dollar influencer stock market & the Guggenheims of NFT art

The Profile Dossier: Gay Talese, the Pioneer of Narrative Non-Fiction

Why Ultimate Freedom Lies in the Power of Choice

The Profile: The Bitcoin billionaires who made a comeback & the man who lost $20B in two days

The Profile Dossier: Edith Eva Eger, the Holocaust Survivor Who Escaped the Prison of Her Mind

Four-Time Obstacle Race Champion Amelia Boone on Mastering the Art of Suffering

The Profile: The artist who crashed the art world & the youngest female self-made billionaire

The Profile Dossier: Taylor Swift, America's polarizing pop titan

Exclusive: Former Acting Secretary of Defense Chris C. Miller On Invading Afghanistan, His Time in the White House, and His Next Act

The Profile: The company building the future of audio & the Kardashian preparing for her next act

The Profile Dossier: Keanu Reeves, Hollywood's Most Gracious Actor

Meet Ana Lorena Fabrega, the Educator Focused on Independent Thinking and Mental Models

The Profile: The CEO tasked with vaccinating America & the influencer whisperer

The Profile Dossier: Frank Abagnale, the Con Man Who Got a Second Chance

3 Lessons We Can Learn From Beyoncé's Content Strategy

The Profile: The NFT millionaires & the mastermind behind Facebook's AI algorithms

The Profile Dossier: Dolly Parton, The Queen of Country Music

Meet Rickey Gates, the Man Who Ran 3,700 Miles Across America

The Profile: The vaccine king who angered the world & the company building the future of audio

19 Inspiring Quotes From Female Titans Who Dominate Their Industry

The Profile Dossier: David Goggins, the Toughest Athlete on the Planet

The Profile: The founder making creators rich & the billion-dollar sneaker brand

The Profile Dossier: Brunello Cucinelli, the Philosopher King of Cashmere

7 Mentally Tough People on the Tactics They Use to Build Resilience

The Profile: The beach bum who beat Wall Street & the feminist profiteers

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Should Teachers Be Celebrities Who Earn Millions of Dollars?

The Profile Dossier: Stephen Hawking, the Explorer of the Universe

The Profile: The Bitcoin billionaire who remains at large & the man behind SpaceX's all-civilian mission

The Profile Dossier: Melinda Gates, the Most Powerful Woman In the World

From Pakistan to Silicon Valley: Sidra Qasim's Unlikely Journey to Building a Shoe Empire

The Profile: The billionaire who avoided criminal charges & the master of cutthroat capitalism

The Profile Dossier: Tom Brady, the Greatest Quarterback of All Time

The Profile: The teenage day-trader who lit the markets on fire & the founder of WallStreetBets

The Profile's Creativity Seminar Recording + Notes

The Profile Dossier: Kobe Bryant, Basketball's Greatest Storyteller

The Real Story Behind Why Foursquare's Dennis Crowley Stepped Down as CEO

Q&A With Three-Time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce

The Profile Dossier: Kris Jenner, the Mastermind Who Turned Her Family Into an Obsession

Three-Time Olympian Kara Lynn Joyce On Why Action Is the Antidote to Doubt

The Profile: The kings of shaving & the Bitcoin millionaires locked out of their fortunes

The Profile Dossier: Nick Saban, America's Most Successful Coach

'Atomic Habits' Author James Clear: 'I'm Never Far From a Good Idea'

The Profile: Wall Street’s greatest living economist & the spy for planet Earth

The Profile Dossier: Conrad Anker, the Mountaineer Who Cheated Death

The Profile: The man searching for life-saving DNA data & the director behind Pixar’s biggest hits

How to Improve Your Content Diet in the New Year