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My name is Polina, and I read 1.8 million words last year, which is the equivalent to 25 books. I did that in the name of finding interesting, well-reported profiles worthy of inclusion in The Profile.

My sole priority since I started this company in 2017 has always been to ruthlessly protect readers’ time. I’ve read an insane amount of longform articles and worked on The Profile at baseball games, on vacation, and in Italian coffee shops with no Wi-Fi.

I always ask myself one question, “Will the reader learn something from this?” If the answer is no, I don’t include it.

Readers expect excellence from The Profile, and my job is to make sure it doesn’t disappoint.

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Polina Pompliano 
Polina reads thousands of profiles of people and companies to bring you the most interesting stories every Sunday.
Simran Bhatia
Staff Writer @ The Profile | Product Manager + Painter